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Texas Comptrollers Care!

For the past 10 years, The Black American Comptroller Employees (BACE) & The Mexican American Comptroller Employees Association (MACEA) have donated to the Summer Fan Drive. This year’s donation of $1,155, plus additional fans provided about 90 fans to Central FIND OUT MORE

Suzanne F - Fan Drive Client pic (5) - Nov 2014
AMD Helps Celebrate 25 Years

AMD has supported Family Eldercare’s Summer Fan Drive for years, so naturally they return more excited than ever for the 25th anniversary! Helping our mission of providing relief to the community means more to AMD than just an opportunity for FIND OUT MORE

see what we do

Charles volunteers for our annual Summer Fan Drive delivering fans and outreach kits to homebound senior and adults with disabilities. His story is an emotional reminder of how powerful connections can happen through simple acts of comfort and care. Thanks to Sean Mathis for this beautiful piece.

  • Kids Leading the Way With Fans and Funds

    March 31, 2015

    Kids Leading the Way With Fans and Funds

    Kids & Teens help make the Fan Drive “cool” this year! The Summer Fan Drive has long been a favorite cause for youth groups to rally around. This year Family Eldercare is placing a special focus on youth giving and volunteering by reaching out to youth organizations to encourage them to build Fan Drive Teams and get involved in other exciting ways this summer. FIND OUT MORE